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About US

Cube Zanzibar is a start-up and business enabler that offers a range of support services to start-ups and small businesses in Zanzibar. We provide ideation, incubation and acceleration programs to (aspiring) entrepreneurs and support our start-ups by assisting in financing and business administration challenges. We help bring ideas to life and get businesses to excel. We work in a growing private sector space in Zanzibar and our choice of model and service provision comes from a conviction that execution focus is needed to let business ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs and new start-ups thrive. Our aim is to stimulate innovation and creative disruption, because those are critical characteristics of a successful society that manages to sustain long term economic growth.



We believe that business and entrepreneurship training is important to startup success, but business incubation doesn’t stop there. Starting and running a business means overcoming challenges every single day, and both daily support and access to finance should be tailored to that reality.


We provide three types of programs that fit with the needs of start-ups at different stages of their growth journey: ideation, incubation and acceleration. For ideation we organise events ranging from an afternoon to one week, while incubation and acceleration are longer term programs, up to 6 months. Cube aims to work with different partners to ensure diverse and dynamic programs that are frequently offered. Click here to see what programs are coming up.


Access to capital is vital for kick-starting your business, but obtaining the right funding can be challenging. Cube Zanzibar aims to facilitate and support small businesses in finding the right financing windows. We are looking for partners that would like to work together to design smart funding solutions for Zanzibar's start-ups. Click here to read about our plans for access to start-up finance and the assistance we offer.


Business administration is not the most exciting part about a start-up, but it is very important. We help the start-ups in our portfolio make the legal, financial and administrative arrangements they need. We also provide needs based support to other businesses that are not in one of our programs but need specific assistance. And we have a mentorship program through which entrepreneurs can get coached by experts in entrepreneurship. Read more here


We are fortunate to work with an expanding group of talented entrepreneurial minds. Our first batch of entrepreneurs, who participated in the first edition of Cube’s Start-Up Bootcamp, have businesses and ideas that range across sectors and stages of development. Each has their own passion and growth path. Want to know more about what they do? Find their profiles below. If you see yourself and your business become part of our emerging ecosystem, please reach out to us to hear about any of our upcoming programs or other ways to become engaged!

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Wadh-hat - marashi ya unguja

In early 2018 Wadh-hat decided to start a business in fragrances. Her background is in computer science, but she has an entrepreneurial mind and after observing that there was no market in Tanzania for Oudh-based products, she decided to start a business for it herself. She is working on the scaling up of her business to serve the East-African market as well as the tourism market and joined Cube’s Incubation Program to achieve that goal.

Abdulhamid - msted

Abdulhamid is the founder and CEO of MSTED Center. He is an engineer and in his company he deals with machine development, manufacturing and maintenance. His participation in Cube Start-up Bootcamp resulted in a pivot for his business where he will operate the machines he produces to generate a more sustainable revenue stream. He also has other ideas for machines, such as for recycled plastic products. Abdulhamid joined our Incubation program to further scale and expand.


Maryam - trash power

Maryam is only 20 years old but she has a great entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Her business focuses on the problems related to trash in Zanzibar. She joined Cube Start-up Bootcamp with the idea to transform trash into household and office items such as decorations. She adjusted her idea and is now working with Abdulhamid to design, prototype and test other products made from recycled materials. She is a great example of solving local environmental challenges.





Our way of working is based on cooperation and joining efforts to create a greater impact. We aim to complement other organisations rather than replicating work. We believe in the power of partnerships based on common ground and matching beliefs and objectives. Together we can create synergies that will help businesses in Zanzibar thrive. Do you see a synergy between your organisation's goals and Cube's work? We'd love to hear from you through the contact form below.



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